Prepare For The Unknown

With Legacy Premium Food Storage!

Prepare For The Unknown

With Legacy Premium Food Storage!

Gathering food storage for your family’s emergency needs can be an overwhelming task, especially with the huge variety of food storage types currently on the market. When you buy your food storage from Legacy Premium, you can meet all of your family’s food needs in one purchase. All our freeze-dried meals simply need added water to turn them into delicious, hearty meals that taste great and are packed with nutrition. And with a shelf life of 25 years, your food storage will stay fresh until you need to use it, whether it’s next month, next year, or 15 years down the road.

A bowl of prepared Chicken-A-La-King by Legacy Food Storage

Food storage is not one-size-fits-all.


Legacy Premium is a company made of family people. As a result, we know how many different taste preferences and health needs can make up one family. That’s why we offer a variety of gluten-free and vegetarian options so that you can meet any dietary needs individual members of your family might have. All of our meals, snacks, and drinks—gluten-free or not—have impressed customer after customer with their delicious taste, so if you have picky eaters, you’ll be able to keep them well-fed along with the rest of your family.


Because Legacy Food Storage has such a wide variety of options for mealtime, we guarantee you’ll find something that everyone in your family will love. Check out our wide array of offerings:


•   19 different savory lunch/dinner entrées from soups to chilies to pastas to bakes

•   4 hearty breakfast options—hot and cold—to feed every kind of breakfast-eater

•   2 healthy snack options and 4 side dishes to satisfy a sweet tooth or fill in any calorie gaps in a survival diet

•   4 refreshing drink mixes to brighten up mealtime, even in an emergency

•   Delicious, rich coffee with a 25-year shelf life

•   Tender freeze-dried chicken and beef to add a healthy amount of protein and flavor to any meal

•   The most nutritious, satisfying protein shakes on the market


Get gourmet food storage for a budget-friendly price.


When you buy your food storage from other companies, you either pay exorbitant prices or get food that’s made up of cheap filler ingredients. With Legacy Premium food storage, you don’t have to sacrifice quality or price. When compared with other similar food storage companies, Legacy Premium is proud to offer the lowest price per calorie. We also are passionate about providing a product that is filled with pure, natural ingredients because we know the importance of filling our bodies with nutritious foods in hard times. Check out some of the impressive stats our food storage meals boast:


•   High amounts of fiber

•   No MSG

•   No GMO ingredients

•   No trans fat

•   No cholesterol

•   Low sugar

•   Real ingredients

Make the wise food storage choice and purchase emergency food that will nourish your body in the toughest of times. Buy Legacy Premium food storage and your body and your wallet will thank you.


Buy food storage that fits into your life.


When emergency situations occur and people are forced to live off of their food storage, convenience becomes a precious commodity. With no cooking sources, running water, or refrigeration, making meals can quickly become a gargantuan task. That’s why Legacy Premium has created food storage meals that are extremely easy to make. Simply add water, and your meal is ready.


Take Legacy Food Storage meals with you on outdoor adventures like hiking, biking, and climbing for quick and lightweight meals. Cook one up on a busy night at home for a delicious, easy dinner. Or save your Legacy meals for an emergency situation and feed your family gourmet food even in times of survival. Our convenient meals will meet whatever needs you have.


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